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We are based at Tangiaro Lodge in Port Charles setting up this project trialling snail farming in the Waikato.

It will trial two methods commonly used overseas. The insights will inform the development of a farmer’s handbook outlining best practice snail farming in a New Zealand context.

As a result, landowners will be able to evaluate the feasibility of snail farming as a potential low-input, sustainable
and environmentally friendly land-use alternative.

Key finding around alternative protein, snail slime, snail caviar and the full use of snails farmed free range and organically.We are also looking at the low carbon footprint and introducing more people into the primary industry through lower cost snail farming set up and looking at the export opportunities.

Snails have been around since the Phoencian age and eaten by them and all around the British Isles, Europe and all around the world.The cochlea was the name in the Roman times and shows the snail as a spoon.  It was even eaten by monks during lent as it does not fall into the meat or fish category.   It was traded extensively and it seems over 500 tonne was transported and sold along the Danube in time past.

Snails also have great medicinal uses in the past like a cure for the common cough, breast problems and consumption.

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